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czwartek, 31 października 2013

Job hint Denmark

If you want to come Denmark and look for a job you must have CPR number. If you don't have the number no one will speak with you. That is my experience. You can try to fill a form from the page linked below in order to get CPR.

job Denmark

Pictures from Norway

Artem Achkasov (from Moscow) posted some great pictures from his trip to Norway.

beautiful Norway

środa, 30 października 2013

Out of Africa

This time there will be a very short review of the book "Out of Africa" by Karen Blixen. I have read the book in polish but You can read english fragments here. You can tell every thing about the book exept it is a love story. The book has nothing to do with the montion picture "Out of Africa". Understanding of the law by native inhabitants was completely different from Karen Blixen.

A caveman

A video file with an interview with a Norwegian/German who lives in a cave at Canary Islands. One can say He is mentally disturbed. I also don't understand his motivation. He just gave up the rat race. At least He has a nice view from his cave. Introduction ( 1 min ) is in polish language.

Norvegian lives a cave

A Danish Christmas story

What is unique content of a blog? I don't know. I just insert interesting links about Scandinavia. Who cares what i think about issues.

Chtismas tree Danish Christmas story

wtorek, 29 października 2013

Coming to Norway to work

" A lot of ‘new-movers’ think they can get a job after they have moved to Norway – very bad idea.  If you do not have your tax number in place you are unemployable.  Usually if you do not know fluent Norwegian you will not be employed unless you are a specialist in your field.  Being a ‘specialist’ means that there is no one in Norway that can do what you do.  However, if you do find an employer to employ you without your permits you will likely have to leave Norway to get your full-time employer to take all the necessary legal steps for your immigration and that usually means you cannot enter Norway until your employment application has been approved by UDI.  However, UDI has been trying to make the process quicker and there are some exceptions.  If employers don’t follow these rules then they could pay hefty fines for ‘illegally’ employing you.  You can never expect to just ‘walk’ into a job here in Norway."

The citation is only half true. I have found 20 job offers from Norway on the polish web. Offers for building construction workers or welders. If you want to find a job in Norway you have to speak norvegian or polish. LOL I also know tricks how to get permit to work in Norway.  But i am just a stupid Pole with strong will to survive.

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I am also interested in politics :)

Sweden will grant permanent residence permit for about 15 thousand refugees from
Syria. I'm astonished by that decision. Sweden is the first country in Europe to
make such commitment. I do not think there will be other countries. Every emigrant knows what  permanent permit means.  It's a great generosity.